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this was drawn a while back, but i still rather liked it so i figured i could post it here.

this is another revamp i did, of an old picture i did several years ago.

looking at the old one makes me cringe, but at the time, i was really proud of how it came out. so i re-drew it.

i wanted the newer image to have a better resemblance to the title, so i tried to depict him as he is in The Dark Templar Saga books. miserable, wallowing in his sorrow at the loss of Raszagal. it seemed a lot more fitting.

i told myself i'd finish this and give it color, but my artistic motivation has been fluctuating a lot lately, and was recently knocked down over a personal matter.

you'll have to excuse any anatomical errors in this, Protoss anatomy still has its ways of confusing me.

Zeratul (c) Blizzard
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Submitted on
December 17, 2012
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