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their bandanas are fun to do~

it's pretty obvious that i suck at backgrounds and hate doing them. :iconpanic01plz:

oooh i'm so proud of how Donnie, Mikey, and Raph came out. i wish i could've done better on Leo, though, since he's a favorite D: and again, before anyone starts asking me questions, the rosary around Raph's neck belongs to my TMNT OC. i totally forgot it was on there and just colored away. oh well.

i'm also trying to keep a certain element in this; maintaining their size/height. in the 2007 movie, Mikey was the smallest, and Raph was definitely the biggest by muscle. i'm trying to keep from drawing them with the same height and same muscle size like in the TV show. it makes it easier for me to draw them for some reason.

i love drawing these guys. they may be difficult for me right now but i'm getting the hang of them :love:

TMNT (c) Fox/Mirage
the rosary thingie (c) me
Brush credits:
Arabesque (c) ~Luizalenora
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Submitted on
January 2, 2008
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